Monthly Archives: January 2016

14 Ways to Workout When You’re Feeling Tired

14 Ways to Workout When Tired Working Out When You Have No Motivation For many people, with a new year comes new—or renewed—fitness goals. Motivation may be high in the beginning, but what about those days when our resolve is lacking or we’re just too tired to fit in a workout? Here are 14 ideas to help keep you on track:... Read more »

2015 HealthInsight Quality Award Winners

2015 HealthInsights Quality Award—Revere Health Four of Revere Health’s internal medicine locations earned quality awards in 2015: Orem, Provo, American Fork and Payson. HealthInsight, a nonprofit, community-based healthcare collaborative, sponsors the award. To receive this award, practices must meet a set of criteria related to innovation, patient engagement and quality initiatives. Though we have always focused on quality and patient-centered... Read more »

Everything that Happened at Revere Health in 2015

New Year Fireworks 2015 was a big year for us. Here's our year in review. Time for a name change. In July, we officially changed our name from Central Utah Clinic to Revere Health. Along with the new name comes a new tagline: Let’s Live Better. We are committed to working alongside patients to improve their quality of... Read more »

Defeating Dry, Cracked Hands in Winter

What causes dry skin? Winter is upon us, and for many people that means dry, cracked hands. Understand what causes dry hands and how you can prevent and treat it at home. There are many conditions that cause dry, cracked hands: psoriasis, dyshidrotic eczema, contact allergy and other skin diseases, but the most common cause... Read more »