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How to Know When You Need a Dermatologist

Dermatology For a variety of reasons, many people seek professional help as a last resort to their problems. As a general rule, treating budding health conditions early leads to a quicker recovery and better overall health. This concept might be a bit better-accepted when it comes to your primary care provider and your dentist, but what... Read more »

Adult Acne Treatments You’ve Never Heard Of

Uncommon Acne Treatments Banner If your first instinct after noticing a breakout is to head to the acne treatment section of your local drug store, stop right there. Over-the-counter treatment methods can be moderately effective for mild cases, but you are unlikely to get the dramatic results you're seeking from these products alone. Research shows that adult acne is on the... Read more »

Do I Need an Ophthalmologist?

Need for an Ophthalmologist Should You See an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist? Determining whether you need to see an ophthalmologist depends on your needs and your symptoms. An optometrist performs eye exams to detect vision problems and prescribes corrective lenses. Some optometrists offer low vision care and provide vision therapy. An optometrist is only appropriate if your eyes are healthy... Read more »

So You Have Endometriosis…Here’s What You Can Do About It

Endometriosis & What You Can Do About It If you, like more than 5 million American women, have received a diagnosis that you have endometriosis, the road ahead may initially seem bleak and worrisome. Just doing a modicum of research yields a pretty long list of systems that involve the word “pain,” but take heart and have hope. There are things you can... Read more »

10 Ways to Improve Your Entire Family’s Nutrition

There are as many personal tastes in food as there are members of your household. Worse still, people take their food very seriously and you might worry that your family will be resistant to changes in their eating habits. Fortunately, there are ways you can easily improve your family’s nutrition. 1) You control the food... Read more »

Your Medical History at Your Fingertips

Medical History at Fingertips -- Cover Did you get that tendonitis surgery in 1998? Or was it 1997? What is the name of that blood thinner you took last year? Are the results back from your most recent cholesterol check?   The Need for an Online Patient Dashboard At any given time, we all have medical questions. Some of them involve... Read more »

You and Your OB/GYN Through the Years Infographic

You and Your OBGYN Throughout the Years

More Than Just a Doctor Your OB/GYN is more than just the doctor that you see once a year for your annual exam, and visit more frequently throughout pregnancy. This physician will play an important role in your overall health, and will be an essential medical resource for you throughout your entire life. According to the Center… Read more »

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts?

How to know if you have cataracts You may know that more than 22 million people in the United States have cataracts and that this eye problem is the leading cause of blindness in the world. You might even be aware of how cataracts can destroy your vision. The one thing you may not understand, however, is how to know if you have cataracts.... Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Endometriosis — Pt. 3

Endometriosis and Pregnancy "Having endometriosis does not mean you are infertile. Between 30% and 40% of women with endometriosis may not be able to have children but many women with endometriosis become pregnant naturally or with reproductive assistance." -Gabrielle Jackson, The Guardian   Does an Endometriosis Diagnosis Instantly Mean You Cannot Conceive? While infertility is a distinct possibility for... Read more »