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Physical Fitness Guidelines

Fiber and Digestion - How to Stay Regular Physical fitness and activity are vital components of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does physical activity contribute to healthy weight, but a whole host of other health benefits including reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, reduced risk of some cancers, improved muscle and bone strength, improved mental health and mood, improved ability to complete daily... Read more »

What to Expect From Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive Surgeries -- what to expect Going through reconstruction changes things – usually for the better – but any change comes with uncertainty. Most reconstructive surgeries, even those done for trauma, start with a surgical consultation. This is your time to ask the physician questions about your reconstruction since many of the answers depend on the type procedure you need. Someone... Read more »

The Most Common Injuries in Each Sport

MCL With roughly 30 million kids and young adults participating in sports in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, injuries are fairly common. In fact, injuries from sports account for close to one-third of injuries among children. If you have kids that play sports in high school or college, it’s helpful to know what the... Read more »

An Introduction to Kidney Stones

Intro to Kidney Stones Kidney stones are a common and even ancient disorder of the urinary tract. Evidence of kidney stones has been found in an Egyptian mummy estimated to be more than 7,000 years old, reports The New York Times. More than 12 percent of American men and 7 percent of women suffer with a kidney stone at... Read more »

Should I Visit an Ophthalmologist?—Infographic

Environmental Reasons to Visit the Eye Doctor

Having good eye health is critical to your overall well-being. Each day you might drive a car, sit in front of a computer, and performing any number of other tasks that rely on having good vision. You also will spend plenty of time reading documents, checking your smartphone and other devices that feature small print…. Read more »

5 Attributes to Look for in a Family Doctor

Attributes of Family Dr Chances are good that if you don't know who Dr. Marcus Welby is, your parents do. Marcus Welby, M.D. personified America’s vision of the ideal family doctor back in the early 1970s. Americans were eager to embrace a kindly general practitioner who treated each patient as an individual in an increasingly specialized and technology-driven profession.... Read more »

Making Sense of Seasonal Allergies

Making Sense of Seasonal Allergies Although you enjoy a deep appreciation for the amazing natural world around us, do you also find yourself dreading the changing of the seasons? Perhaps as soon as the daffodil and crocus start to peek out from the warm spring soil, you come down with a throbbing headache that no amount of over-the-counter pain or... Read more »

Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Whole Family Healthy—Infographic

Eating a well-planned, balanced mix of fresh and whole foods is vital for everyone at all ages. Your daily food choices can determine your physical health, influence your emotional health, affect your cognitive abilities, and enhance or detract from an attractive appearance. In addition to engaging in regular, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, feeding your family a… Read more »

Understanding Prostate Health

Meningitis Prostate health awareness is growing in this country as health care reform shifts the focus to preventative medicine. Eight out of 10 men will eventually develop an enlarged prostate, but only few understand the purpose of this critical gland. Learning more about what a prostate does and why it affects men’s health is the key... Read more »

The Health Benefits of Gardening

benefits of gardening Chances are, after you envy a friend’s lush garden, you wonder how much work it takes.  However, gardening can be a lot of fun and carries many benefits for physical and mental health even without a green thumb. Here’s how: Exercise Simply put, gardening is good exercise with physical benefits, particularly when combined with regular... Read more »