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Easing the Transition Into a New Season

Season The temperatures are falling, and the days are shortening. Can you feel yourself preparing to shift gears, winding down from an active and very hot summer into a more quiet and cool fall? Your daily routine may become more structured as the kids go back to school, co-workers return from vacations and spontaneous get-togethers with... Read more »

3 Ways to Prevent Getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Muscle Soreness Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, tingling and numbness in your hand and arm. It occurs when one of the major nerves to your hand – the median nerve – is compressed or squeezed as it travels through your wrist. The median nerve goes through a narrow passage, known as the carpal tunnel, in the bones... Read more »

5 Power Foods for Your Kidneys

What You Need to Know About Mammography The foods that you eat can either help or hurt your kidney health. By picking the ones that are most likely to provide benefit while minimizing harm, you can keep yourself healthier and feel better. These are a few of our top picks for a kidney-friendly and enjoyable diet. Omega-3 Rich Fish Omega-3 fatty acids... Read more »

5 Tips for Safe Hiking

5 Tips for Safe Hiking Which one of the thousands of miles of great hiking trails throughout Utah is next on your bucket list? With more than 70 percent of Utah comprised of public land, it feels like there’s a national park, national forest or national recreation area at every turn. Some of our state’s trails are great for heavy-duty... Read more »

What 7 Things You Need in Your Hospital Go Bag

Neuro: What Causes a Coma? Quick – your water just broke and you need to get to the hospital fast. What should you bring? Preparing a “hospital go bag” when you are in your eighth month of pregnancy prevents last minute packing in between labor pains. The hospital will provide many of the items you will need immediately before, during and... Read more »

Understanding How Antacids Work

Common Lung Diseases and Their Prevention Are you among the 15 million Americans who experience heartburn symptoms on a daily basis? Perhaps you count yourself among the 60 million people who endure the burning pain of acid indigestion at least once a month. Although more common among pregnant women and the elderly, anyone can find themselves racing to the medicine chest in search... Read more »

4 Cancers Men Should Be Aware Of

What is an Embolism? Cancer will affect one in every two men in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society, and one in five men will die from the disease. Men should be concerned about all types of cancer but the four that men should be most worried about are:   • Prostate cancer   • Lung... Read more »

Birth Defects: A Risk of Pregnancy

OBGYN - What to Expect AFTER Expecting Pregnancy is a time of joy, but it can also be a time of worry. While most babies born in the United States are healthy, many are at risk for birth defects. Birth defects affect about 3 percent of babies born in the U.S. every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),... Read more »

Understanding More About Your Knee

What is an Embolism? Anatomy of Your Knee How much do you really know about your knees?  One of the most important things to understand about knee anatomy is that a knee is one of the most complicated human joints.  The knee has a lot of components, causing it to be particularly vulnerable when you expose it to injury. Your... Read more »

Seasonal Allergies: Finding Relief

OB/GYN - Yearly Checkups: Breast Exams If you are reading this article, then chances are you are one of the more than 67 million Americans who suffer from allergies. While seasonal allergies are much less dangerous than food allergies, constantly sneezing, having itchy eyes and a running nose for weeks on end can be annoying and incredibly uncomfortable. Some facts to know... Read more »