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Birth Control

For many women and couples at a certain stage of life, family planning becomes an important topic. People looking to start a family have a ton of factors to consider, from timing to financials and other concerns. In some cases, physical concerns are at the top of the list. Some men and women have issues... Read more »

Pacemakers and Cardiac Arrhythmias

What is Emphysema? Your body has a system in place to keep your heart beating at a steady pace and in regular intervals. Any interference or irregularities in this system is a disorder broadly known as cardiac arrhythmia. Those suffering from cardiac arrhythmia see their sinus node, the body’s natural pacemaker, affected to the point where they’re unable... Read more »

What You Need to Know About Mammography

What You Need to Know About Mammography While simple, a basic X-ray taken at the right time could mean the difference between catching a complication while it’s still treatable and diagnosing it too late. One of these basic X-rays is called a mammogram, the official name for an X-ray exam of the breasts. Mammograms are most commonly used to detect and monitor... Read more »

Environmental Toxins that Impact Your Lung Health

Sleep Study FAQ For those in the field of pulmonology, or the study and treatment of diseases affecting the lungs, the state of our environment is a constant consideration. Lung health is impacted by a variety of factors, both controllable and uncontrollable. One of the most important factors is the role toxins play in causing often-serious complications. In... Read more »

Winter Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is important year round, but is especially important during the winter, when skin tends to be dry due to temperatures and humidity levels dropping. If you struggle with dry skin during the winter, you are not alone. Results from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) show that at least 81... Read more »

Flu Prevention

Dr. Tomco: Weather Changes - Asthma & Allergies As the calendar flips into the coldest months of winter, there’s another season on the minds of doctors everywhere: Flu season. Between 5 and 20 percent of the United States population will contract some form of influenza in a given year, with an average of roughly 200,000 Americans visiting a hospital for the flu and... Read more »

How to Recognize Stomach Ulcers

Family Medicine - Annual Physical Exams For people who suffer from them, ulcers in the stomach are a painful and constant issue. Also known as peptic ulcer disease, these are sores that develop inside your stomach. Ulcers may cause severe pain at best, but at worst they create much more serious issues in the stomach. In a lot of cases, recognizing... Read more »

Genetics and Cystic Fibrosis

Nephrology - Kidney Location & Structure For most medical conditions, determining risk involves a mix of controllable and uncontrollable factors. People can influence their risk through smart life choices like diet, exercise and healthy habits. In other cases, though, certain risk factors are present at birth or are developed early in life. This phenomenon goes back to genetics, the pieces of... Read more »

When Your Heart Breaks – Stressed-Induced Cardiomyopathy

Cardiology - Devices Used in Cardiology (Pacemaker, Defibrillator) Though the phrase “broken heart,” is most often used to describe those who have suffered a devastating emotional, often romantic, loss, there is indeed a clinical diagnosis referred to as “broken-heart syndrome.” This broken-heart syndrome occurs in only about 1.7% of all instances of acute coronary syndrome, a group of conditions that also includes heart... Read more »

Your First Pre-Natal Ultrasound

Imaging/Radiology: MRI, CT, & PET. What do they Mean? For women expecting a child, the first ultrasound of a pregnancy is a big day. Known in medical terms as a prenatal ultrasound, this is the first chance for parents to learn the gender of their new baby (if they want to know, that is – some choose not to). This is not the only... Read more »