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What to Expect AFTER Expecting

OBGYN - What to Expect AFTER Expecting In the months leading up to having a baby, it’s normal to focus on the big day itself. There’s so much to prepare for with the birthing process, from health management to family arrangements and everything in between. While the day your baby is born is a milestone you'll remember for years to come, it’s... Read more »

Diseases of the Lungs: Bronchitis

Pulmonology - Diseases of the Lungs: Bronchitis Air and other particles constantly come in and out of the lungs, leaving them vulnerable to many different conditions.  The tubes and compartments used to capture and store air get usage every single day, and this wear-and-tear, with the opportunity for outside agents to make their way into the lungs, puts them at risk. One... Read more »

Fiber and Digestion – How to Stay Regular

Fiber and Digestion - How to Stay Regular You've probably heard talk about eating a high-fiber diet, but do you know what fiber is or what it does for the body? Dietary fiber is much more than a chic trend or a fun fact to know about. It’s one of the most important elements involved in our digestion of food, and healthy levels... Read more »

Sleep Study FAQ

Sleep Study FAQ Q. What is a polysomnogram? A polysomnogram is a test that measures bodily functions during sleep. Each test will vary depending on the individual case.   Q. What kinds of things do polysomnograms measure? Depending on your circumstance, some measurements may include brain waves, heart beats, eye movements, muscle tension, leg movements, breathing, blood oxygen levels,... Read more »

Seven Steps to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Pap Smears Seven Steps to Successful New Year’s Resolutions As the holidays wrap up and the new year approaches, you are likely reflecting on the past year and the progress you have made. This time of the year is also a time to think about the future and many people, roughly 45 percent of Americans, plan on making... Read more »

What is a Concussion?

Depression Most people associate concussions with collision sports. While sports are a common cause, there are other ways to get a concussion. In fact, any trauma that shakes the brain in the skull can cause a concussion, and there are many incidents where this kind of impact is possible. While some sports movies suggest otherwise, concussions... Read more »

How to Boost Your Family’s Immune System

Dr. Hall - How to Boost Your Family's Immune System Keeping kids healthy during the coldest months of the year can be a difficult task, but keeping yourself from getting sick as a parent can be just as tough. Besides solutions like doctor visits or medication, what are some ways to boost the immune system and keep your family healthy this winter? Sleep For both... Read more »

Diseases of the Lungs: Pneumonia

One of the most well-known conditions that can affect the lungs is pneumonia, a disease most often caused by infection. Pneumonia develops when air sacs in the lungs become inflamed, often causing them to fill with fluid or pus. Pneumonia can cause a number of symptoms and complications, and can range anywhere from moderate to... Read more »

Fruits to Try This Fall and Winter

Family Medicine - Healthy Living: Diet and Exercise Eating healthy during the winter is difficult for many people. As the temperature drops and the holidays approach, it’s easy to fall into the habit of working out less and eating comfort foods. But the temptation to eat high-fat dishes isn't the only problem. Incorporating fresh fruits into your diet can be easier in the... Read more »

Devices Used in Cardiology (Pacemaker, Defibrillator)

Cardiology - Devices Used in Cardiology (Pacemaker, Defibrillator) The heart is the basis for all human life. Even a few missed heartbeats can signal a major problem, and keeping the heart on a regular schedule is one of your body’s top priorities. When any of the normal electrical impulses that cause your heart to beat are interrupted or changed, this is called “arrhythmia”... Read more »