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Astigmatism; You’ve Heard It, But What Does It Mean?

The curve and shape of your eye affects the way you see the world around you. For example, if the lenses in your eye have mismatched curves, you may experience blurred distance and near vision, a condition called astigmatism. Eyes with astigmatism are more egg-shaped than round. Astigmatism can occur in a combination of symptoms... Read more »

Menopause: What Can You Do to Find Relief?

Menopause can be uncomfortable. Many of the symptoms last for several years, and can influence both physical and emotional changes in the female body. The good news? Women with noticeable menopause symptoms have a large variety of treatment options to choose from. These can include prescription and over-the-counter medications and even simple home remedies. Some... Read more »

How Will Menopause Affect My Body?

From adolescence through adulthood, women experience an important process called the menstrual cycle. As women age, however, this process stops and the body enters another important phase known as menopause, which begins 12 months after the body’s final menstrual period. Menopause is a natural process that occurs in all women, typically in their 40s or... Read more »

Tonsillitis: The Breakdown of Your Throat’s Filter

Getting to Know Your Throat Different structures throughout the body exist to protect important organs and tissues from damage, and in the throat, these structures are called tonsils. The tonsils act as filters in back of your throat, stopping germs before they reach your airways and put you at risk of an infection. The tonsils also create antibodies to help... Read more »

Are Distant Objects Blurry? You May Have Myopia

Similar to a camera lens, beams of light hit the eyes and become focused to help us see images. When this happens correctly, the images are transmitted to the brain to provide a clear and focused vision. When there is interference, problems with vision can arise such as nearsightedness. In medical terms, nearsightedness is called... Read more »

The Health Benefits of Water

Swimming Pools and Other Recreational Waters: A Haven for Hardy Parasites As a vital part of human life, water is incredibly important to your health. It affects several different parts of the body by regulating temperature, getting rid of wastes, and protecting the spinal cord and joints from damage. These aren’t the only benefits, though. Here’s a look at some other ways water impacts your health,... Read more »

I’m Starting Dialysis: What Can I Expect?

Your kidneys have the vital job of filtering and eliminating waste from your body, and if the kidneys are damaged in any way, they lose some of the ability to function properly. Dialysis is a treatment that helps replace some of these lost functions of the kidneys, and is usually needed for patients in the... Read more »

The Female Reproductive System

Mother and Baby in a Field Bringing a new life into the world would be impossible without the female reproductive system. The process of life begins here when a female egg cell is fertilized by a male sperm, creating a fetus and starting the nine-month cycle that eventually leads to birth. But the female reproductive system has other jobs too. A... Read more »

A Diabetes Diet Plan

Eating a proper diet is one way to prevent and manage many different health conditions like heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome or diabetes. For patients with diabetes, there are several foods and habits to emphasize and several to avoid when creating a diet plan. Goals of a Diet Plan There are three primary goals of... Read more »

The Common Cold: Symptoms, Prevention and Remedies

Making Sense of Seasonal Allergies There are millions of cases of the common cold in the United States every year, with an average of two or three every year among adults and even more among children. In fact, they’re the most frequent reason for absences from school (in kids) or work (in adults). What causes the cold, what are its... Read more »