At Revere Health we do our best to offer shadowing opportunities to as many students as possible.  Because the demand is so high we are only able to accommodate 12 shadowing hours per student unless the student is enrolled in specific courses through local universities.  Please be aware that our providers are limited to days of the week and times, therefore, we will not be able to accommodate all requests.  Additionally, we are only able to offer shadowing experiences in a clinic setting; to shadow surgeries/procedures the student will need to contact the hospital/facility where the surgery is to be performed.

To apply for shadowing opportunities please come to our administration office.  You will be asked to fill out some quick paperwork and complete a HIPAA disclosure form.  Students must be 18 to shadow.  Please be prepared to schedule your shadowing experience at the time of application.

Revere Health Administration
1055 N 500 W
Provo, UT 84604

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