Value Based Care | Revere Health

Better Health

Value-based care leads to better health outcomes because it encourages patients to play a more dynamic role in their healthcare and promotes preventive care. Data helps providers identify gaps in care like a missed follow-up appointment or screening.

Greater Value

Physicians are actively working to ensure you are receiving low-cost care without sacrificing quality. Data analytics and communication tools help providers navigate the best path for your situation so that you are getting the best value out of your healthcare dollar.

Best Care

A lower cost of care doesn’t matter if you aren’t also receiving the best possible care. In a value-based care model, physicians are measured on the quality of care they provide and how well they coordinate and manage your care. It benefits you as a patient—and them as physicians—to provide the best patient care.

How Does Value-Based Care Benefit Me?

The idea behind value-based care is simple: improve the quality of healthcare while simultaneously reducing costs. Healthcare organizations around the country, including outpatient clinics, hospitals and insurance providers, have been making the shift to value-based care over the past several years, and many patients are now seeing the effects of this shift. Read more…