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What You Should Know About Vaginal Health

5 Tips for Safe Hiking

The Importance of Vaginal Health Vaginal health is an important aspect in maintaining a woman’s overall health and can be affected by medications, diet, clothing, exercise and even increased stress. A healthy vagina is more acidic, which helps maintain an environment of good bacteria called lactobacilli and normal vaginal secretions. This good bacteria helps fight off… Read more »

How to Feast During the Holidays Without the Guilt

Thanksgiving Feast-Easting Healthy During Holidays

For many of us, it’s hard to avoid gaining weight ­during the holidays, but holiday celebrations don’t have to sabotage your health. With a few tips, you can satisfy your cravings for once-a-year favorites and still enjoy a guilt-free holiday season. Trim back the trimmings. To shave off calories, use discretion when adding gravy, butter,… Read more »

LEAPs and Bounds: A New Study Could Change the Peanut Allergy Fight

Peanut allergies are a source of great concern for a growing number of households. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 2 percent of the population is affected, and peanut-related reactions are one of the leading causes of food allergy-related deaths. After years of doubt and increasing concern, research has finally found… Read more »

5 Questions Everyone Asks About Pap Smears

doctor talking about pap smears

What is a Pap smear? A Pap smear (also known as a Papanikolaou or Pap test) is a simple screening for cervical cancer. Since the adoption of the test by gynecologists, the number of women who developed cervical cancer has dropped dramatically worldwide. During an exam, a small brush is used to collect a sample… Read more »