Billing Statement FAQ | Revere Health


On August 1, 2018, we transitioned to a new billing software. This new system is more patient friendly and offers several features including online payment.

I received two separate bills. Do I need to pay both?

We are not moving old balances to the new system. Patients with a balance owed for appointments or services prior to August 1 and who incur new charges after August 1 will receive two separate statements. These statements will look the same, but they are not duplicates and both are valid. You may continue to get two statements until the older balances are paid.

How do I know if my statement reflects a balance from the old system?

Statements from the old billing system for a balanced owed before August 1 will have CUM (Central Utah Medical) in front of the account number. The new statements do not have alpha characters in front of the account number.

If you have a balance from our old system, you will need to use a separate dashboard to make an online payment.

If you have questions about your bill, please call 801.375.8858.