Message from Eagle Mountain Family Medicine & Urgent Care - Revere Health

Given all that is happening with Coronavirus, I thought I would say just a few things to this amazing community here in Eagle Mountain.

Before I begin, I just want to acknowledge that this week celebrates 5 years since we opened this medical clinic. So first off, THANK YOU! We have loved being here. Now for the update:

Our clinic (both the appointment side for regular type visits and the urgent care side) remains open, but of course, we have made some changes in how we practice during this time. We are committed to trying to do all we can to help during this crisis.

For urgent care: we are trying to keep the waiting room basically empty and very clean. When you come in, you will quickly ‘check in’. Then, if there is a wait, you will be asked to wait in your car (or at home or wherever). Then, we will call you to come in or several other options exist. For example, if we can do your visit on the phone, we might just call you. If we can do it by a simple visit to your car to see you for a moment only, we will try to. If you need to come in and be tested (x-ray, labs, etc.), we will try to quickly facilitate this. We have telehealth capability, so we might use that. It depends on what is needed. So in other words, it might be very different. We will do all we can, but it might take some time to streamline how this works. However, we know you will still get UTI, pneumonia, strep throat, fall and break a bone, need stitches, get influenza, etc. We will do everything we can to take care of you.

For Regular Visits for family medicine, pediatrics, and internal medicine: Myself, Dr. Davenport (my new partner if you haven’t met him), and Jay Lambert PA will all continue to see patients in any way we can with appointments. We will be conducting “most” of these visits via telehealth (secure video link). You can schedule like normal, but at your appointment time, we will send you a text with an invite to our virtual waiting room. From there, we will connect via secure video to help you. Of course, this is new and different; we will do our best.

For things like Well Child Checks, we are keeping one of our clinic rooms cleaned and sterilized as much as possible for that purpose only. Like the urgent care, we can still do lab draws, x-rays, and all those needed things. We will try to be as liberal with refills as possible when we meet with you on the phone, on video or in person. We all know we need to have enough medicine to keep healthy.

Testing: For Covid testing, as you know, this is still limited in both number of tests out there, and also locations that can do the sampling. We do NOT have enough PPE to keep our staff safe in our clinic to do the sampling in person. But for those who need it done (there is a medical criteria to be met, and hopefully when more tests are available this will be loosened), we can write an order and you can take that to drive through or similar testing sites. We will try to stay updated in every way as this information changes. For most people, even if you have the virus, the treatment is to stay home. PLEASE, please, please do all you can do stay home and not spread things. I cannot begin to express how important this is.

We still take all insurances and of course during these times we will do all we can to help — with or without insurance. We have no idea how the new federal guidelines of telehealth or payment for people’s care or anything like that will turn out. Like you, we will likely figure those things out down the road. We will try to operate as normally as possible, but we realize we need to change as things change.

As things change, we will likely make more changes, but this is a little summary for now. This is all changing so rapidly.

I pray that you can all be safe and healthy. I pray for other healthcare workers. I pray for my staff. They are brave and wonderful people. We are all in this together!!