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Wes Jones – CFO

Chief Financial Officer Wes Jones always wanted to work for an entity that is interested in improving lives. Jones was born in Brigham City, Utah and graduated with his Bachelor of Science in accounting and his master’s in accounting, finance and auditing from Brigham Young University. For the first 10 years of his career, Jones… Read more »

Chris Smith – CIO

Chief Information Officer Chris Smith began his healthcare career over 30 years ago. Born the child of two podiatrists, Smith was filled with a strong desire to be involved in helping others with their health needs.  He received his BA and MPA from BYU where he was a scholar athlete and multiple-time conference champion. Smith… Read more »

Christopher Steen – COO

Chief Operating Officer Christopher Steen has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, currently serving as Chief Operating Officer of Revere Health. Steen started in healthcare finance after being a stockbroker. As his career progressed in healthcare, he moved into operations. Steen has started and operated business ranging from childcare to hospice with… Read more »

Scott Bingham – Chairman of the Board

President of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors Scott Bingham believes that the first step to healing is effective listening. Born in in Berkeley, California, Bingham graduated Magna Cum Laud from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in biology. He received his Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt University… Read more »

Tracy Hernandez – Director Of Marketing And Communications

Director Of Marketing And Communications Tracy Hernandez has worked in the marketing and public relations field for almost 15 years, most recently as the Marketing Director at Roseman University, a private non-profit university that offers health science degrees. Prior to that, she worked in PR and operations management for a non-profit domestic violence shelter in… Read more »

Scott Barlow – CEO

Mr. Barlow serves as the CEO of Revere Health, the largest independent physician group in the State of Utah. Revere Health has received numerous national and local awards for their use of technology to provide and measure high quality cost effective care to over 420,000 individuals. The practice model, effective technology deployment and strong leadership… Read more »