Imaging Department—Pain Management

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Revere Health’s Pain Management Program

Our program is designed to provide patients with safe, convenient management of their pain and discomforts. Board-certified radiologists oversee and manage pain injections for patients suffering from age-related, hereditary, or acute pain-related problems. Pain injections are only one of the several options available to help maintain and accomplish true pain management.

We refer patients to Revere Health’s medically supervised Wellness Institute. The Wellness Institute’s state-of-the-art physical therapy program also provides core strengthening exercise information to help optimize true pain relief and management at home.

By taking advantage of the Revere Health Imaging pain management program, members can receive professional help and guidance that will improve their quality of life.

About Your Injection

Today you received a pain injection using imaging guidance to precisely place the needle where we need it. The primary component of the injection was a very strong anti-inflammatory drug similar to cortisone. It will take a few days to begin to work. Injections are just a small part of your overall treatment plan. Exercise, weight loss, core strengthening, and an overall healthy lifestyle are needed. Please take some time to review the other services we provide:

Services Available

  • Gym
    Therapeutic pool
    Hot tub
    Cardiovascular exercise area
    Dressing areas & lockers
    Multipurpose activity rooms
    Strength training area
    Safe, lighted, underground parking lot
    Free weights
    Exercise programs & classes
    Nutrition counseling and education
    Exercise and strength training classes from licensed physical therapists

Core Strengthening and Flexibility

Keep it simple, and be consistent! Use the section most appropriate for your level: easy, medium, or difficult. For more information, see

Wellness Institute

The Wellness Institute offers adults of various fitness levels optimal health opportunities through individualized fitness programs, education, and social interaction. Through cardiovascular exercise, strength training, aquatic activities, and specialty classes, members can increase productivity, manage chronic conditions, improve general health and get more enjoyment out of life.

Contact Cameron Valentine at the Wellness Institute and get the first month at a discounted rate. Go see what the center has to offer — Exercise equipment, nutrition, and expert advice.

Physical Therapy

Our state-of-the-art physical therapy professionals specialize in:

  • Treatments for joint pain
    Post-op rehab
    Aquatic therapy
    Strength, conditioning, agility training Auto or work-related injuries
    Home exercise programs

Let them help you improve your movement, strength, balance, and quality of life!

If you would like to seek professional advice from our physical therapists to help you with your symptoms, let us know. We strongly recommend a few visits to get you on the right track to recovery.

Follow Up

If you feel a repeat injection procedure might help you, or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.