An Important Message About Parking at the Provo Campus | Revere Health

Revere Health (along with several businesses in Utah County) had a claim filed by a private law firm against several of our clinic locations, including our Provo campus. The claim was filed because some of the parking stalls we had added for improved patient access did not meet all the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In an effort to enhance patient experience, Revere Health had more accessible parking spaces than were legally required. Following the claim, we had to remove and replace large sections of sidewalk and walkways to correct natural settling that occurs over time, and to be in full compliance with all the requirements for the ADA. This resulted in the removal of some of the additional accessible stalls that could not be constructed to the standards required for full ADA compliance.

We recognize that many of our patients benefit from parking that is close to entrances, and we are working on a solution to offer more convenient parking for those with additional needs. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and would like to invite you to let us know if you have specific concerns or issues when visiting one of our campuses or clinics so we can ensure a positive experience. You can send us a private message on Facebook, call 801-429-8061 or email

About Revere Health

Revere Health is the largest independent multispecialty physician group in Utah and employs over 180 physicians and 150 advanced practitioners. Founded in 1969, Revere Health has grown to include more than 100 clinics in both urban and rural areas throughout Utah and Nevada. Revere Health providers offer complete healthcare at every stage of life with multiple family practice locations and 30 medical specialties. As the first Accountable Care Organization accredited by Medicare in Utah, Revere Health is a leader in value-based care and offers a unique, patient-oriented approach to healthcare.