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The rate at which costs are rising is not sustainable for you or your employees.

Revere Health started its transition to a value-based model of care over a decade ago in an effort to reduce healthcare spending. While we focus on lowering the cost of healthcare we continue to focus on quality and patient satisfaction. In the last three years alone, Revere Health has reduced healthcare spending for our Medicare population by more than $30 million.

There are many ways to help lower healthcare costs and still get the right care at the right place at the right time.

By choosing to make smart healthcare decisions, we have the ability to reverse rising healthcare costs. Employers can especially benefit from smart decision making among their workforce. However, it is important to provide employees with information and actionable steps they can take to aid in this effort. Below is a downloadable resource with tips to help your employees reduce the cost of their care.

We’ll be updating this page with additional tips, resources and information that can help employers and employees understand ways to reduce healthcare costs so check back regularly.