Value-Based Care: Payer - Revere Health

Why does value-based care matter?

The United States spends up to three times as much on healthcare per capita as other nations with comparable incomes, but the U.S. still has a lower life expectancy, more chronic disease diagnoses and poorer health outcomes.1

History of Value-Based Care at Revere Health

Revere Health has participated in quality-based programs since 2005 with many different payer programs, including Medicare Care Management Performance (MCMP), the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) that became the Physician Quality Reporting System, Meaningful Use, clinical-based programs and the Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP).

In 2012, Revere Health, formerly Central Utah Clinic, was the first healthcare group based in Utah to be accredited as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) by Medicare. We have been building on our success with other commercial payer programs and demonstrated success with MSSP in 2015.

Participating Programs

1 Source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development; World Health Organization; European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 2017