Your Radiation Treatment Team

Your radiation oncology treatment team is made up of many different healthcare professionals. Each has special training and experience in treating your type of cancer with radiation. Your team will work with you to make certain you receive the most effective treatment possible.

At Revere Health Radiation Oncology, you will have the same team members treat you throughout your course of therapy. They will get to know you and you will get to know them. You will find they take a personal interest in you as a whole person and not just in your disease. Your treatment team will work and communicate with each other constantly to check your progress and ensure you receive the best possible care. Any member of your team is available to answer questions.

The healthcare professionals on your team include:

  • Radiation Oncologist – A doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer. Your radiation oncologist leads your radiation team, works with you and your other cancer doctors to develop your treatment plan and designs treatment that will best treat your type of cancer. Throughout your treatment, your radiation oncologist will continually monitor your progress.
  • Radiation Oncology Nurse – You can talk with your nurse about any questions or concerns you have. Your nurse will discuss your radiation treatment and help you manage any symptoms or side effects.
  • Radiation Therapist – A licensed and registered therapist with special training in the fields of radiation physics, biology and radiation safety. Radiation therapists set up your daily treatment, position you and deliver the prescribed dose of radiation.
  • Dosimetrist – A board-certified specialist who calculates and plans the doses of radiation therapy as prescribed by your radiation oncologist.
  • Radiation Physicist – A scientist who oversees the dosimetrist in the planning of your radiation treatments. Your radiation physicist makes certain the equipment works as planned and delivers the right amount of radiation.