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Provo Endocrinology

Endocrinology is the study of endocrine glands, which are a group of glands in the body that secrete hormones. When hormone levels are either too high or too low it can cause an endocrine disorder such as hypothyroidism

Our Provo endocrinologist, Dr. Soubhi Nizam, specializes in treating patients with endocrine disorders, gland problems, diabetes and thyroid disorders. He and his staff also provide services for hyperthyroidism and thyroiditis. Together with each patient, we work to provide a care plan specific to his or her needs. We value our patients’ ability to make their own healthcare decisions and strive to provide clear communication and education.

Dr. Nizam and the endocrinology department also offer state-of-the-art diabetes management, diabetes assistance, and monthly diabetes classes at our Provo endocrinology office.


• Diabetes Management
• Diabetes Education
• Thyroid Management
• Adrenal Disorders
• Adrenaline Management
• Pituitary Disorders
• Endocrine Disorders
• Osteoporosis
• Type 1 Diabetes
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Thyroid Ultrasound
• Thyroid Biopsies
• Insulin Pump Training
• Metabolism Management
• Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Endocrinology Providers


Soubhi Nizam, MD


Leslie Putnam, FNP-C
Patient Resources

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