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Salem Sports Fitness and Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Care

The Revere Health physical therapists located at our Salem Sports Fitness and Physical Therapy center are licensed health care professionals who work closely with our network of physicians and surgeons to help our patients achieve their individual health goals.

If you are returning to collegiate sports, training for your first triathlon, a weekend warrior, getting back to work, or just having trouble performing the activities you need each day, our physical therapists specialize in providing the care you need.

We have therapists that specialize in:

• Orthopedic Rehabilitation
• Back and Neck Care
• Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy
• Sports Acceleration
• Geriatric Strengthening
• Cardiac Conditioning

Our focus is to develop an individual treatment plan using exercise, education, manual therapy, modalities, aquatic therapy, and a home exercise plan tailored to your needs to assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

Sports Fitness and Physical Therapy Providers


Brad Mangum, PT
Darren Averett, PT
Educational Resources

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