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Revere Health is dedicated to providing care for your generation and the next via our 30+ specialties in more than 100 urban and rural locations throughout Utah. To better meet all of our patients’ needs, Revere Health accepts most insurances.

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Routine Preventative Care

Annual Wellness Visit

At Revere Health we understand that a proactive approach to maintaining your health increases the potential to lead an active healthy life. Routine preventative care helps detect problems early, helping to reduce or eliminate health complications in the future. Schedule a wellness checkup and begin your journey to a healthier life.

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The current rise in healthcare costs is unsustainable, which is why we’ve made the shift to value-based care. We believe we have a responsibility as healthcare providers to lower the cost of care without sacrificing quality.

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This free, online patient portal allows you to manage your prescriptions, request refills, view your medical records, message your providers, and keep track of your vitals, diagnoses and medical history. Follow My Health is free, secure and convenient.

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Finding hope and a true healthcare partner

"My experience with the Salem clinic was outstanding! Working with Dr. Miller has been a real pleasure. He was spending extra time to get to know me because he’s someone that genuinely cares about people."

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