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GI Connect is now RH Connect

GI Connect is changing to RH Connect to reflect a wider variety of service offerings available through the Connect portal.

  • No more preauthorization hassle

    We'll handle that for you.

    Except where insurers require preauthorizations from the referring provider.

  • No more scheduling guesswork

    Send the order to the same place every time.

  • Track your office's orders

    Receive status updates for the orders being sent to your office.

  • We are your one-stop shop

    Our team will contact your patient, schedule the procedure, and give prep instructions when needed.

Why choose RH Connect?

RH Connect provides more service offerings available through the Connect portal. Starting on June 15, you will also be able to order pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and cardiology procedures in addition to GI endoscopic procedures.

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We will notify you as more services are available to order via RH Connect. Stay tuned!