Procedure Pricing

Revere Health believes all patients should have access to information that helps them make educated healthcare decisions, including information about the cost of care. That’s why we’ve created pricing charts that highlight the most common procedures in each specialty and what they cost at any Revere Health location.

The pricing information below* represents the “sticker price” of a particular procedure or service for someone without insurance. Uninsured patients are eligible to receive a 30% discount on the sticker price for prompt payment. Patients with health insurance will typically be charged an amount less than the sticker price (the exact cost varies based on individual insurance plans).

The average patient experience also results in some additional testing or services that could appear on your bill. We’re happy to discuss the specifics of your bill with you if you have any questions.

Note: Drug/injection prices are listed per unit.

*These prices reflect our most current data and will be updated annually.

Office Visits

There are several different levels of office visits, and the price for each level of office visit is the same across all Revere Health specialties. Without seeing you in the exam room first, however, it’s difficult to know exactly which level of service will apply to your office visit.

A Level 1 visit is a simple visit that may not require the presence of a physician. A Level 5 visit involves a comprehensive evaluation of serious/worsening problems that require complex medical decision making. Your office visit could fit anywhere on this scale depending on your individual health situation.

New Patients Established Patients
CPT Code Price CPT Code Price
99201 (Level 1) $82 99211 (Level 1) $40
99202 (Level 2) $138 99212 (Level 2) $81
99203 (Level 3) $197 99213 (Level 3) $134
99204 (Level 4) $300 99214 (Level 4) $197
99205 (Level 5) $377 99215 (Level 5) $265