American Fork Audiology & Hearing Services - Revere Health
Tues: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wed & Fri: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
1175 East 50 South #211
American Fork, Utah 84003

Audiology Providers


  • Consultations

    We offer initial consultations for audiology and hearing services, as well as follow-up and counseling.

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

    A non-invasive evaluation that involves an ear exam and hearing tests to help your audiologist diagnose your condition.

  • CDL Hearing Tests

    A hearing test required by the Department of Transportation for those seeking a commercial driver’s license.

  • Tympanometry

    Tympanometry is a test that evaluates the middle ear and helps your audiologist diagnose and monitor audiologic conditions.

  • Audiologic Rehabilitation

    Therapies that can help those who are hard of hearing adjust to their hearing loss and manage treatment.

  • Hearing Aids

    Revere Health Audiology and Hearing Services is a licensed hearing aid dispenser, including parts, accessories and batteries.

  • Loaner Hearing Aids

    We provide loaner hearing aids to patients whose regular hearing aids are in repair.

  • Adjustments/Fittings

    The process of adjusting your hearing aids so that they are comfortable and offer good sound quality.

  • Specialty Earmolds

    We offer specialty earmolds that allow for the simultaneous use of hearing aids and Bluetooth devices, headsets, headphones and more.

  • Cleanings and Repairs

    Cleaning and repair services for all makes and models of hearing aids. Loaner hearing aids are available during repair.


Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

CDL Hearing Tests


Audiologic Rehabilitation

Hearing Aids

Loaner Hearing Aids


Specialty Earmolds

Cleanings and Repairs

Patient Education