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    • Polysomnograms


      Tests used to diagnose sleep disorders by recording brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing. Includes (baseline, split-night and titration studies for adults and children age 3 or older.

    • Home Sleep Studies

      Home Sleep Studies

      This is a polysomnography conducted at home, allowing patients to be more comfortable and in a familiar setting.

    • Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (PAP)

      Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (PAP)

      A method for treating sleep apnea that blows pressurized air through the airway in order to keep the throat open.

    • PAP Naps

      PAP Naps

      A daytime sleep study using PAP to desensitize patients who have anxiety about starting or difficulty tolerating PAP therapy.

    • MWT


      Measures how alert a patient is during the day and if they can stay awake in stimulation-free environments.

    • Insomnia Counseling

      Insomnia Counseling

      A structured counseling program to help identify and replace thoughts and behaviors that cause and worsen sleep problems.

    • Monthly CPAP Support Group

      Monthly CPAP Support Group

      Personalized support on CPAP compliance, including mask fitting and strategies to help cope with CPAP.

    • Overnight Oximetry

      Overnight Oximetry

      This test provides information (through a clip over your finger overnight) to help your doctor diagnose a sleep disorder.

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