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Examination of the colon for signs of abnormality using a rectally inserted fiber optic tool. Recommended for ages 50+


Our physicians are equipped to offer sports physicals and routine physical exams to check up on patients’ physical health.


Trouble breathing or chest tightness due to constricted airways and excess mucus. Often induced by exercise or allergies.

Type 1 Diabetes

Chronic condition where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to allow glucose to enter cells and produce energy.


A complete cholesterol test measures the amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream.


A condition occurring when the force of blood against artery walls is too high; often a precursor for other health problems.


Fragile or brittle bones due to loss of tissue, generally resulting from calcium or vitamin-D deficiency, or hormonal change.

Pulmonary Conditions

Conditions of the respiratory system, characterized by chronic coughing, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Acute Care

A patient may receive short-term treatment for a severe injury, illness, medical condition or recovery from surgery.

Type 2 Diabetes

Chronic condition where the body resists needed amount of insulin or doesn’t produce enough to keep normal glucose levels.

Thyroid Conditions

Conditions that affect the thyroid gland, which regulates numerous metabolic processes throughout the body.

Cardiac Conditions

Conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels and can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke.

Lesion removal and minor surgical procedures

Removal of abnormal skin growths and other minor procedures that don’t require sedation.

Patient Education


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