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Provo Endocrinology

Provo Endocrinology
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  • Telehealth Appointments

    Telehealth Appointments

    Virtual appointments through a mobile/electronic device that will allow us to serve you from the comfort of your home.

  • Thyroid Biopsy

    Thyroid Biopsy

    A small piece of the thyroid gland is removed for examination under a microscope to look for signs of abnormality.

  • Thyroid Nodules

    Thyroid Nodules

    Raised areas of tissue or fluid found on the thyroid that are often harmless but require evaluation.

  • Thyroid Ultrasound

    Thyroid Ultrasound

    A routine procedure that examines the thyroid by using sound waves to create an image of the gland within the neck.

  • Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes

    A chronic condition in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to allow glucose to enter cells and produce energy.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetes

    A chronic condition in which the body resists needed amount of insulin or doesn’t produce enough to keep normal glucose levels.

  • Insulin Pump

    Insulin Pump

    A small device that continuously delivers insulin to the body throughout the day for patients with diabetes.

  • Glucose Sensor

    Glucose Sensor

    A small wearable medical device use to continually track and measure the glucose concentration in the blood.

  • Diabetes Education & Management

    Diabetes Education & Management

    Education for diabetes patients that will help them manage diabetes at home and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Thyroid Disorders

    Thyroid Disorders

    Conditions of the thyroid gland that can cause overproduction or underproduction of thyroid hormones.

  • Elevated Calcium

    Elevated Calcium

    Hypercalcemia (excessive calcium in the blood) can lead to weakened bones, kidney stones, and heart and brain problems.

  • Parathyroid Disorders

    Parathyroid Disorders

    Often characterized by one or more overactive lobes of the parathyroid, which can lead to a serious calcium imbalance.

  • Parathyroid Biopsy

    Parathyroid Biopsy

    A small piece of the parathyroid gland is removed for examination under a microscope to look for signs of abnormality.

  • Osteoporosis


    Fragile or brittle bones due to loss of tissue, generally resulting from calcium or vitamin-D deficiency, or hormonal change.

  • Adrenal Disorders

    Adrenal Disorders

    Conditions of the adrenal gland, which are often genetic and can cause overproduction or underproduction of adrenal hormones.

  • Pituitary Disorders

    Pituitary Disorders

    Overproduction or underproduction of hormones released by the pituitary gland, often caused by an injury or tumor.

Leaders of value-based care in Utah

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Revere Health Provo Endocrinology specializes in treating patients with endocrine disorders, gland problems, osteoporosis, thyroid cancer, diabetes and parathyroid disorders. We also provide services for hyperthyroidism and thyroiditis, disorders caused by hormone imbalance. Together with our patients, we work to provide a treatment plan that is specific to their needs. We value our patient’s ability to make their own healthcare decisions and strive to provide clear communication and education. Our providers and staff also offer state-of-the-art diabetes management, diabetes assistance and monthly diabetes classes at our Provo Endocrinology office.

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