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  • IMRT

    Intensity modulated radiation therapy is a type of advanced radiation therapy that treats cancer and tumors.

  • IGRT

    Image-guided radiation therapy is the use of imaging technology during radiation therapy that improves the accuracy of treatment.

  • 3D conformal radiation therapy

    Cancer treatment using radiation beams to perfectly match tumor shapes, target the cancer cells and preserve healthy tissue.

  • Electron beam radiation

    A process involving high-energy radiation. Beams such as protons or electrons destroy cancer cells in the treatment area.

  • CT simulation

    A CT scan of the part of your body that needs radiation to help develop an accurate treatment plan.

  • Conventional radiation oncology services

    Traditional radiation therapy uses the external beams of X-rays and electrons to shrink tumors and kill cancerous cells.

  • Radiation therapy consultation

    An extensive consultation reviewing your medical records to determine if radiation is the right choice for you.

  • Palliative care

    Specialized medical care that helps provide patients relief from the stress and symptoms of serious illnesses.

  • Cancer patient support group

    Emotional support group specifically for cancer patients to share feelings and learn from others with similar experiences.

3D conformal radiation therapy
Electron beam radiation
CT simulation
Conventional radiation oncology services
Radiation therapy consultation
Palliative care
Cancer patient support group

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