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Revere Health Physical Therapy at Snow Canyon Parkway

Revere Health Physical Therapy at Snow Canyon Parkway will work hard to ensure you are pain-free and able to achieve your desired mobility. After completing his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, Jason Tomlinson, MPT finished his physical therapy training at Chapman University in California and has been practicing physical therapy for nearly two decades. We can provide a wide range of services including geriatric strengthening, back/neck care, physical therapy, treatments for sports injuries, and more.  At Revere Health, we provide personalized care plans and strive to provide clear communication and healthcare education to help patients manage their conditions.

Revere Health Physical Therapy at Snow Canyon Parkway


  • Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy

    Helps patients reduce pain, restore mobility and restore strength after a debilitating illness, injury or surgery.

  • Back & Neck Care

    Back & Neck Care

    Back and neck pain management through postural correction, lifting/transfer mechanics and safely strengthening core muscles.

  • Sport Injuries

    Sport Injuries

    Specialized care for injuries caused by playing sports, such as ACL tears, ankle sprains and hamstring strains.

  • Orthopedic Injuries

    Orthopedic Injuries

    Primary care for orthopedic, sports and occupational injuries, including splinting and joint aspiration and injections.

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

    Orthopedic Rehabilitation

    A form of therapy that helps you increase your mobility, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.

  • Geriatric Strengthening

    Geriatric Strengthening

    Treatment for older patients to increase strength, maintain bone integrity, and improve balance, coordination and mobility.

  • Decompression Table

    Decompression Table

    Decompression treatment involves a series of stretching/relaxation cycles to relieve pain over a course of several weeks.

  • Balance, Vestibular Rehabilitation

    Balance, Vestibular Rehabilitation

    A specialized program primarily designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability, and/or imbalance and falls.

Leaders of value-based care in Utah

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Revere Health Physical Therapy at Snow Canyon Parkway
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