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Kelly Ence, MD

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I recommend him for anyone.

As a senior, not a baby, had to have a “tube” placed in my ear, Dr Ence gave me the choice of having the shot to anesthetize it at the risk of maybe having vertigo or just bare the pain and do it without. I chose the later. He was very gentle and concerned all through the procedure. I won’t say it was entirely painless but Dr. Ence was gentle and kind and really cared, sometimes that’s hard to find in anyone these days. I recommend him for anyone.

Sheila C.

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Dr Ence was kind, straight forward and helpful.

I came in as an emergency visit. Dr Ence agreed to see me in the morning of the same day I needed help. Dr Ence was kind, straight forward and helpful. He asked his colleague to double check his diagnosis and they agreed. He called in prescriptions for me and sent me to get blood work. He was able to provide me the relive that I wasn’t able to get at my regular doctors office. I will see him again when needed.

Angie L.

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Very happy with Dr Ence!

Dr Ence was very helpful. Even with my complex health history, he was able to offer insight I had not heard previously heard before.. Very happy with Dr Ence!

Ryan L.

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