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Jason Mathison

Finance Director

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Jason Mathison received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Utah and his Master of Business Administration from Westminster College. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and continually demonstrates his dedication to process optimization and efficiency.

Jason has been a Revere Health team member since 2016. In his current role, he serves as Revere Health’s Director of Finance, overseeing and guiding all facets of Revere Health’s financial operations. His leadership is instrumental in ensuring the clinic’s financial health and stability. He also manages the Revenue Cycle, a critical aspect of healthcare finance, ensuring the efficient flow of revenue while seeking opportunities to optimize and refine processes throughout the organization.

“Revere Health is a wonderful place to work,” Jason said. “I feel it is a place where I can make a positive impact in healthcare. Our work as a value-based care organization demonstrates how a company can improve the healthcare experience while working to control overall costs.” 

Jason’s multifaceted career and dedication to Revere Health are emblematic of his passion for patient-centered care and cost control. As a Revere Health executive, he is committed to managing financial excellence and championing a brighter future for healthcare. 

Outside Revere Health, Jason’s passions extend beyond finance. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast who finds peace in the breathtaking landscapes of Utah. Whether hiking along scenic trails, casting a line for a relaxing fishing excursion, or simply reveling in the diverse natural offerings of Utah, he possesses a zest for life outside of the corporate world.

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