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6 Reasons to Visit Your OB/GYN Each Year

May 8, 2018 | OB/GYN

The female body requires attentive and experienced care, and women everywhere are lucky enough to have doctors within the OB/GYN practice to assist them with everything they might need in this area. OB/GYN doctors, short for obstetrics (a physician who delivers babies) and gynecology (a physician who deals with the health of female reproductive organs), can assist in a wide variety of areas. Here are some of the areas that make yearly OB/GYN visits important for women.


  1. Clinical Breast Exams

Hopefully you’ve learned to give yourself a self-breast exam every month without the help of a medical professional, but having this done in a clinical setting once a year is also important. A clinical exam can confirm you didn’t miss anything on your self-checks and be sure you have no signs of breast cancer or other issues to be concerned about. If you do not know how to conduct a self-exam, ask your doctor for instruction.

  1. Primary and Preventive Care

Your OB/GYN doctor can be your primary health provider and help you with other areas of care, including:

  • Mental health: An OB/GYN can provide an outlet for women to talk to during difficult times. They can also provide preconception counseling for women planning a family or looking for help with the emotional side of pregnancy.
  • Diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Health screenings including Pap smears. Additionally, women who have abnormal Pap smear results or the presence of medical conditions like HPV can benefit from annual appointments to manage issues.
  1. Menstruation

You can discuss things like the consistency of your menstruation, heaviness, any discomforting symptoms, and any bleeding in between periods.

  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health

Talk to your OB/GYN about concerns with your sexual health. S/he can help manage sexually transmitted infections, infertility, pain during sex, birth control and any other areas you need help with.

  1. Birth Control

An OB/GYN can also provide significant expertise when it comes to birth control. Technology is always advancing in the medical field, and there might be new and better options available since your last yearly appointment. Women using a prescription method of birth control, including pills, a shot, a patch, IUDs, or a vaginal ring, should have this yearly exam.

  1. Vaccinations

Your yearly OB/GYN appointment is also the perfect time to go over important vaccinations, such as for the flu or pneumovax. Younger women should ask about the HPV vaccine at their very first visit, which generally comes around age 18.

Your OB/GYN can be an advocate for your health, so it’s important to visit one annually. Make note of any bleeding, intercourse, breast, or bladder concerns and share them with your OB/GYN.


Obstetricians/gynecologists at Revere Health OB/GYN provide a full range of healthcare services to women throughout all stages of their lives including; puberty, child-bearing years, menopause.




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The Live Better Team

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