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Central Utah Clinic Is Revere Health

July 8, 2015 | Press Release

Welcome Revere Health: Utah’s Largest Independent Physician Group Gets a New Name

On July 8, 2015, Utah’s largest network of independent physicians, Central Utah Clinic, will be changing its name and look to Revere Health. Central Utah Clinic is the largest group of independent physicians in Utah and employs approximately 1,700 people at over 100 clinics across the state from Ogden and Roy, Utah Valley and Southern Utah.

The name change from Central Utah Clinic to Revere Health is a reflection of the group’s rapid growth and focus on patient-centered healthcare. With more than 100 clinics and locations from St. George to Ogden and Roy, the former name didn’t reflect the geographic reach of the clinic, causing confusion for patients and community members who associated the name only with the Utah County locations.

“Our market research and discussions with physicians and community members simply showed we had outgrown our name,” said Scott Barlow, CEO. “We realized it was time to create a new identity that reflected our scope and breadth of services as well as our values.”

The name Revere Health was chosen to reflect an attitude of patient-centered care. The word Revere means to respect deeply, honor and hold in high regard; the organization is committed to putting patient health above all else. The new logo represents listening, coordination and the continuous journey toward improved health. Revere Health is also adding a new tagline: Let’s live better.


“‘Let’s’ is the emphasis,” said Dr. Thomas Dickinson, board president. “It represents our commitment to working closely with patients—as partners—to achieve desired outcomes. This is something our group believes in on an individual patient level as well as the community level.”

The new identity also extends to the web. Revere Health has a brand new website,, with features that will make the experience easier and more helpful for users. Website visitors will be able to find the nearest urgent care, access the patient portal (Follow My Health) to communicate with their doctors and get medical records, find and read about the physicians and request appointments. The website will also feature a blog section with articles written by physicians.

The transition to Revere Health will become official July 8 and changes will rollout over the following weeks at clinics throughout the state. However, these changes don’t signal a change in core philosophy.

“We want our patients and the communities we serve to know that this rebranding doesn’t mean we have been acquired,” said Dr. Scott Bingham, board president-elect. “We are still the same group of independent healthcare providers—just easier to identify and more unified in our efforts.”

For more information about Revere Health and the rebrand, visit the company website.


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