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It’s Easier Than Ever to Refill All Your Prescriptions

March 4, 2016 | Administration

Pacemakers and Cardiac Arrhythmias

We all have so many demands on us all the time that calling to renew prescriptions can be a chore. Who has the time to sit on hold or the patience to interact with an automated phone system? A 2013 study estimated that you’ll spend 43 days of your life on hold. We’re hoping to help change that through our online patient portal—Follow My Health.


A Vital Part of Supporting Good Health

Around one in five people with chronic conditions like asthma and high blood pressure fail to renew prescriptions and, as a result, do not take their medications on a regular basis. Keeping your medications straight and making sure you renew prescriptions is a vital part of improving chronic conditions. But, too often, life gets in the way. You get too busy to make the phone call or you don’t have the prescription number handy when you want to call to renew.

When a patient is unable to renew a prescription, the results can be more serious than just a return of symptoms. In the case of asthma, prolonged attacks can lead to scarring and permanent lung damage. Untreated high blood pressure can cause damage to your arteries that can, in turn, lead to strokes, heart attacks, kidney damage and other issues.

Other medications cannot be safely discontinued without tapering off. By ensuring that you’re never caught off guard and run out of your medication, you can enjoy a better, more even level of health.

A Better Way to Keep Up to Date

Instead of spending your time tied to the phone when your medications run low, you can simply click a few buttons and go on with your day. With our free Follow My Health service, your prescription medications are as close as your online profile. Simply log in and click the button to renew. We’ll send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy without you ever having to pick up the phone. You can access the service at home on your desktop computer or through our mobile app when you are out and on the go. This way, no matter where you are or when you remember that it’s time to renew, you can get your order in and get back to your day.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our patients to stay compliant with their medical care and get access to the prescriptions that they need. By making online ordering a snap, you have one less hurdle between you and your health so you can get on with your day.

Have you signed up for Follow My Health? Contact us today or visit our website to learn how easy it is to get access to your most important healthcare functions no matter where you are.


The Live Better Team

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