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Revere Health patient care assistant to visit White House after impressive volleyball championship

July 6, 2023 | Value-Based Care

Kayla Elliot holds NCAA trophy after her team wins national championship.

Before joining Revere Health as a Patient Care Assistant in Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Kayla Elliott was displaying a different set of skills on a national stage.

In 2022 Elliott played middle blocker for the West Texas A&M University* Women’s Volleyball team. After reaching the Elite Eight the previous season, the team posted an overall record of 33-4 and went undefeated in conference play en route to a 2022 NCAA National Championship. In recognition of their success, Elliott and her team have been invited to The White House to meet President Joe Biden.

I am so excited to meet him!” Elliott said about meeting the President. “I am pumped to have this opportunity and to be able to celebrate our success as a team at the national level with the president of this nation. It is a huge honor. It just adds to the payoff of many long days to get to this point.

Elliott’s journey to this point began at a young age when she started playing volleyball at age 12 and attended summer camps at age 15. She was initially a dual athlete in volleyball and track, but she eventually chose to focus on volleyball because of its team-oriented nature.

“I genuinely enjoy being able to celebrate wins and cope with losses with my teammates and friends,” she said. “There is no better feeling than a dogpile celebration after a hard-earned win where we all fought tooth-and-nail to make it happen.”

Coming into the 2022-2023 season, some considered Elliott’s team “underdogs” and “lucky” for reaching the Elite Eight the previous season. This served as motivation and fueled their successful run.

“We were all individually and collectively on a mission to prove that those assumptions were exactly that, assumptions,” she said. “We came back into the 2022-2023 season with the sole mission of taking the entire thing. There was not a moment of doubt that we would, and you could feel that intensity with each game we played. It was a literal psychic connection we all had in reaching a single goal: to win the national championship.”

After completing that goal and a dream season, Elliott began focusing on a career in sports medicine which combined her two passions and interests: sports and helping people. Eventually, she accepted a role with Revere Health as a patient care assistant.

“I have a feeling that my purpose in life is to help others,” Elliott said. “I want to be a person people feel comfortable with and can rely on in their time of need. I have been working for Revere Health for 5 months now and I have loved every moment and opportunity I have received because of this job.”

Elliott’s experience playing sports at a high level has served her well in her role with Revere Health because she is able to empathize with athletes on physical, mental, and emotional levels, especially when it comes to managing one of the most difficult aspects of sports: injuries. She noted that athletes often become discouraged and self-critical when rehabbing, and this is something she is passionate about helping them through after experiencing an injury herself.

“I was lucky enough to have amazing teammates who encouraged me to rest and recover so that when the time came to compete again, I would be able to do so at my full capacity,” she said. “This is the kind of support I strive to provide for patients, just as my teammates did for me.”

Elliott said she enjoys the fast-paced environment at Revere Health as well as getting a better understanding of the inner workings of the healthcare industry.

I have always been on the patient side, so getting to see just how much work is put in for just one visit has helped me to be so much more appreciative of those who provide care for us,” she said. “I am even more grateful to get to be a part of it.

Elliott plans to go to nursing school to further her education so she can continue to maintain an active role in helping those in need. As she progresses in her career, she may transition to labor delivery or even find herself coaching volleyball one day.

“I would love to be able to coach a volleyball club team and make an impact on those kids, just as my coaches have done for me,” she said. “They have inspired me to be a better person, teammate, coworker, and woman. I hope to have the same impact on those I will come to help care for.”

West Texas A&M is a small, but a growing university in the panhandle of Texas (Canyon, Texas). Their 2022 women’s volleyball team won the regular Lone Star Conference, Lone Star Conference Championship, South Central Regional Championship, and the 2022 NCAA National Championship. Their overall record for the season was 33-4, going 16-0 in the Lone Star Conference. The team has won 4 National titles in 1990, 1991, 1997, and 2022. Their final ranking come out to #1 after defeating #1 seeded Concordia-St, Paul in four sets with a final nail-biting set of 28-26.
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