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Protecting Hands, Wrists and Elbows During Exercise

October 8, 2019 | Hand, Wrist and Elbow Center

Injuring your hands, wrists or elbows while working out can be a very painful experience and one that can take a lot of time to heal. In most instances, these injuries come from not stretching properly before and after workouts. Below are a few suggestions before hitting the gym.

How to Protect Your Hands

Protect your hands by using proper equipment. Proper gloves can be used to prevent calloused and blistered hands. If you do not want to purchase gloves, some gyms may have chalk available to improve grip.

How to Protect Your Wrists

During workouts, there is a considerable amount of strain put on your wrists. This can cause problems if your wrists aren’t warmed up. Make sure you properly stretch your wrists before doing any strenuous activity. On the right, there is a series of wrist stretches that anyone can do.

If you are still feeling pain in your wrists during workouts, there are plenty of modifications you can make to the workout that avoids strain on your wrists. Check out this SilverSneakers article for ideas.

How to Protect Your Elbows

Elbow injuries can come from a variety of different things, including dehydration, poor nutrition, inflammation, fatigue and poor fitness. To reduce your risk of elbow and other joint injuries, make sure to:

  • Properly warm-up and stretch before every workout
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get adequate rest and sleep

Recognizing Injuries

There are many different injuries that could occur with any of your joints, and it’s important to know what is happening. Below is a quick reference guide to diagnosing small joint injuries. 

If you are having pains in your hands, wrists or elbows, try balancing high and low impact exercises. Examples of low impact exercises are elliptical machines, stationary bikes, rowing machines, walking and swimming.

To relieve stiffness, swelling or irritation, try using ice and heat therapies. Too much heat or ice can cause irritation, so use heat in moderation and never apply ice directly to the skin. As always, consult a doctor if there are major concerns.


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