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Tips to Protect Your Ears From Headphone-Related Hearing Loss

May 8, 2019 | Audiology & Hearing Services

You normally don’t think twice before popping in your headphones and blasting music into your ears, but you might if you know that headphone-related hearing loss has been increasing in recent years. Teenagers today are experiencing hearing loss at a higher rate than 20 years ago. Experts think that hearing loss is increasing among teenagers because many teens use headphones to listen to music. Let’s take a look at how you can protect your ears from headphone-related hearing loss.

Use noise-canceling headphones

There are certain types of headphones that can help prevent hearing loss. One type is noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones are useful because they block out background sounds, making it unlikely that people will turn up the volume to better hear their music, and therefore protecting their hearing.

Use earplugs at concerts

If you plan on going to a concert (or if your career includes being a musician, sound crew member, or working at a nightclub), make sure to use earplugs. Most concert music levels range between 100 and 120 decibels. Around 110 decibels, hearing loss can occur after only two minutes. Earplugs are a good option for those who are frequently exposed to loud music, or even those who are going to a concert for the first time.

If you’ve experienced symptoms such as people’s voices sounding muffled, needing to turn the television up higher than usual, or hearing ringing, you may have hearing loss. If you experience these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your doctor.


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