Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not accepting shadowing applications for our imaging and orthopedics locations at this time. We look forward to the day when we will be able to reopen shadowing opportunities in these locations. If you have any questions, please call (385) 203-1384


Each student will need to contact the office of the provider with which they are interested in doing a rotation; please see below for a list of contacts. Once the provider has agreed to participate as a preceptor, and verified the dates they are eligible, an affiliation agreement must be put in place between the student’s school and Revere Health.

Allergy & Immunology Orem Melissa Peel (801) 226-3600 Ext. 7070 Melissa.Peel@reverehealth.com
Cardiology Utah County Kyle Sheffield 385-203-1167 kyle.sheffield@reverehealth.com
St. George Sheila Skinner (435) 251-2914 sheila.skinner@reverehealth.com
Dermatology Utah County Stephanie Norris (801) 374-8999 stephanie.norris@reverehealth.com
Ear, Nose & Throat American Fork, Payson & Provo David Eldredge (801) 429-8190 David.Eldredge@reverehealth.com
Endocrinology Utah County Katie Allen (801) 429-8017 Katie.Allen@reverehealth.com
Family Medicine
Orem Michele Kimmel (801) 802-7373 Michele.Kimmel@reverehealth.com
Provo Wendy Atkins (801) 812-5062 Wendy.Atkins@reverehealth.com
Lehi Bryan Beckstrom Bryan.Beckstrom@reverehealth.com
Payson & Salem Melodie Chapple (801) 812-5445 Melodie.Chapple@reverehealth.com
St. George Teresa Meyer (435) 215-0314 Teresa.Meyer@reverehealth.com
Gastroenterology All Brooke Bowen (801) 812-5527 Brooke.Bowen@reverehealth.com
Hand, Wrist & Elbow Center Provo Shauna Miller (801)-373-7350 Shauna.Miller@reverehealth.com
Internal Medicine American Fork Bryan Beckstrom Bryan.Beckstrom@reverehealth.com
Provo Katie Allen (801) 429-8017 Katie.Allen@reverehealth.com
Salem Melodie Chapple (801) 812-5445 Melodie.Chapple@reverehealth.com
Medical Oncology Utah County &  Draper Ben Hodges (801) 812-5429 Ben.Hodges@reverehealth.com
St. George Paul Broadhead (435) 674-6088 Paul.Broadhead@reverehealth.com
Nephrology All Tyler Colton (385) 203-1208 Tyler.Colton@reverehealth.com
Neurology All Tyler Colton (385) 203-1208 Tyler.Colton@reverehealth.com
OB/GYN Pleasant Grove Bryan Beckstrom Bryan.Beckstrom@reverehealth.com
Payson Melodie Chapple (801) 812-5445 Melodie.Chapple@reverehealth.com
Ophthalmology Provo Brad Nelson (801) 429-8108 Bradley.Nelson@reverehealth.com
Orthopedics Payson, Provo & Orem Shauna Miller (801) 373-7350 Shauna.Miller@reverehealth.com
American Fork Tina Greenwood 801-763-3885 Tina.Waters@reverehealth.com
St. George Leslie Simkins (435) 215-0633 leslie.simkins@reverehealth.com
Physical Therapy All Jim Anderson (801) 429-0619 Jim.Anderson@reverehealth.com
Radiology All Shane Jackson (801) 812-4638 Shane.Jackson@reverehealth.com
Urology All David Eldredge (801) 429-8190 David.Eldredge@reverehealth.com