Our name has changed, not our commitment to you.

Why the change?

As of July 8, 2015, Central Utah Clinic is now Revere Health. Since 1960, we have undergone several minor brand and name changes. In the last five years, our reach has grown significantly, and our name no longer represented who we are.

Our new name reflects our outlook on healthcare: we revere our patients’ health above all else. Along with the new name comes a new tagline: Let’s Live Better. We are committed to working alongside patients to improve their quality of life, and our new image reflects that promise.

Even though our signs, website, and billing statements are changing, we are still the largest network of independent physicians in Utah. We look forward to continuing to bring you the best care possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Why the change?

– Ultimately, the Central Utah Clinic name was no longer an accurate representation of our organization. With expanding services and locations from Ogden to St. George, a natural disconnect was created for many of our clinics operating outside of central Utah. Resolving confusion for patients, referring physicians and payers was a motivating factor in our rebranding.

This is more than just a name change. We took the opportunity to examine our organization’s values, mission, and strategies to ensure they aligned with patients’ needs. Patients, staff, and the general public were involved in the process via surveys and focus groups.

The results of this self-assessment compelled us to completely revamp our logo, our colors, even our name to better communicate our offerings, motivations, and aspirations.

Have you been acquired?

No. Revere Health is our new name but the change in identity doesn’t mean we’ve changed who we are at our core, nor does it signal a buy-out or a move away from our independent physician model.

Our naming architecture is an endorsed brand model. This means that clinics within the Revere Health system will retain their unique names while sharing the parent brand. This consistency throughout our organization is representative of the unity and coordinated care we strive to provide.

What changes will I see?

Signs, emails, portals, and printed materials will be branded under Revere Health with our new logo.  A new website, completely redesigned with the patient experience in mind, will also be launched.

Ultimately, we hope you see improvements in all aspects of care from within our healthcare system.

What do the name and logo mean?

Revere Health is almost a mission statement and commitment in and of itself. It represents our esteem and regard for life and health. We greatly value the wellbeing of our patients.

The logo is symbolic of our commitment to listening to and working with our patients on a continuous journey toward improved health.

Will the billing or referral process change?

No. Phone numbers, addresses, and processes for referrals and billing will remain unchanged.

Bills will be cobranded for approximately 6-12 months and will include both names and logos of Central Utah Clinic and Revere Health.