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Nephrologists treat diseases and disorders of the kidneys, which can drastically affect other organs and body systems. Our specialists see a variety of issues including kidney disease, hypertension and kidney stones.


Revere Health Nephrologists are trained kidney specialists who work with your primary care physician to handle your treatment. Our physicians have access to an electronic medical record to ensure your care is coordinated.

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7 Foods That Can Negatively Affect Your Kidneys

Your diet affects the health of your kidneys, especially if you suffer from¬†kidney disease. Your kidneys perform many important jobs. They regulate the amount of fluid in your body, for…

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Nephrology - Kidney Location & Structure

Kidney Location & Structure

There are few organs in the body as important as the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering all the waste our body doesn’t need. The kidneys are one of the…

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Bone Density Scan

Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease

It is estimated that 31 million Americans suffer from kidney disease. However, since kidney disease symptoms are not necessarily noticeable in the early stages, many of those with kidney disease…

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