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    • General Sports Medicine Services

      General Sports Medicine Services

      Care for sport-related injuries as well as assistance planning exercise routines to improve athletic performance.

    • Sports Acceleration

      Sports Acceleration

      Therapies and training programs proven to help patients improve athletic performance under medical supervision.

    • Sport Injuries

      Sport Injuries

      Specialized care for injuries caused by playing sports, such as ACL tears, ankle sprains and hamstring strains.

    • Cardiac Conditioning

      Cardiac Conditioning

      The enhancement of heart and circulatory function produced by aerobic exercise, e.g., jogging, swimming or cycling.

    • Geriatric Strengthening

      Geriatric Strengthening

      Treatment for older patients to increase strength, maintain bone integrity, and improve balance, coordination and mobility.

    • Advanced Arthritis

      Advanced Arthritis

      Specialized care for patients with advanced arthritis, a condition causing pain and stiffness in several joints.

    Leaders of value-based care in Utah

    More about value-based care

    Traditionally, the healthcare industry has operated under a fee-for-service model where providers are paid based on the number of procedures they perform or patients they see. In a value-based care model, providers are paid by their ability to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction. Revere Health recognizes that healthcare costs are rising at an unsustainable rate, and that’s why we’ve made the shift to value-based care. We believe we have a responsibility as healthcare providers to lower the cost of care without sacrificing quality. Learn more.

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