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Dermatology doctor in Salem

As Utah County’s leading dermatology practice, Revere Health’s Salem Dermatology provides the best in skin care for our Salem patients. Our experienced physicians share an academic expertise with a collaborative approach that puts our patients’ needs first. Our focus includes surgical dermatology, skin cancer, pediatric dermatology and general dermatological issues and conditions. We provide cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments to help you maintain good health and great skin.

We are board-certified allopathic (MD) dermatologists who stay informed of the latest medical literature, medications, and treatments. Our physicians are recognized for their expertise and routinely receive requests for consultations from other care providers, emergency rooms and hospitals. This helps us keep our skill and knowledge sharp, so we give you the best care possible.

Contact us or ask your primary care physician and see why we are the most referred group of dermatologists in Utah County.

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