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ENT Providers


Advanced Care Practitioners


Problems of the mouth, throat and neck

Our specialists treat a wide variety of disorders and conditions related to the mouth, throat and neck

Hearing loss

This condition includes patients of all ages with a partial or total inability to hear in one or both ears.

Obstructive sleep apnea surgery

This procedure is a soft palate surgery that involves making airways wider by repositioning tissue in the throat.

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

These specialized services are performed to restore body parts to a normal state or change a body part for a better look.


Our audiology specialists are trained to help patients with all conditions related to hearing and hearing loss.

Patient Education


What to Expect with Ear Tubes

A common treatment for children with persistent fluid buildup in the ear or regular ear infections is called ear tubes (also known as tympanostomy tubes, ventilation tubes or pressure equalization…

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Should I Go to the Emergency Room for My Bloody Nose?

Bloody noses are alarming, but most of the time they aren’t serious. Something as simple as hay fever, vigorous nose blowing, nose picking and dry air can cause a nosebleed.…

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Why Do I Have Allergies

The Basics of Sinusitis

The sinuses are an important part of the nasal system, and if the tissue lining the sinuses becomes inflamed or swells up, it causes a condition called sinusitis. When sinuses…

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