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  • Vasectomies

    This procedure involves the surgical sealing of the vas deferens tubes, typically performed for means of sterilization.

  • Urodynamics Lab

    A study assessing how well the bladder and urethra are performing their functions of storing and releasing urine.

  • Sacral Nerve Stimulator

    A type of electrostimulation therapy that delivers low amplitude electrical stimulation to the sacral nerve.

  • Da Vinci Robot Assisted Surgery

    Surgeons operate with better precision through this robotic technology, including tiny instruments and enhanced vision.

  • BPH Treatment

    Minimally invasive Rezum and Urolift treatments for BPH.

  • Kidney Stones

    Small, hard deposits that form in the kidneys. They can often be extremely painful to pass through the bladder and ureter.

Urodynamics Lab
Sacral Nerve Stimulator
Da Vinci Robot Assisted Surgery
BPH Treatment
Kidney Stones

Patient Education


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