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David Cragun, MD

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David Cragun, MD

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I highly recommend Dr. Cragun.

The office in Payson is the best as well as dr Cragun and dr. Money. Doctor Cragun takes time to explain everything and really shows he cares about the patient. I feel he is the best Cardioligist I have had. Thanks for being my doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Cragun. His staff is very good and professional.

Phillips R.

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Dr Cragun goes straight to the problem

Dr Cragun goes straight to the problem, but he knows how to be kind. He answers all questions, makes sure that you are heard and have lots of experience. It is hard to find a doctor like that in these days so that’s why I am leaving this review. His office in Payson was great and crew was so friendly.

Cristi L.

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He was informative and straight forward.

Dr. Cragun was great. He was informative and straight forward. He put our minds at ease with the tests we already had done and suggested new options for both tests and medication, both were very helpful and better than what was currently happening.

Andrea E.

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