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Eric Carter, MD

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Eric Carter, MD

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Dr. Carter and his bedside manner are awesome!

Dr. Carter and his bedside manner are awesome! He has a great se se of humor and is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns.

Raymond B.

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Explain What was happening with my heart

I was so grateful to find a doctor who would explain What was happening with my heart, what he was intending to do, and why it was necessary. My personality likes to understand and approve of water doctors doing. I don’t like a doctor just doing what they think is best without helping me understand. I was so grateful

Linda C.

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Dr. Carter is a great physician.

Dr. Carter is a great physician. He is very knowledgeable, personable, courteous, professional, listens to the patient's comments and questions, provides quality medical evaluations, and explains the whys so that all questions are answered. I am very glad that I switched to Dr. Carter. Thanks for being my cardiologist!


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