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Heather Harrison, DO

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Heather Harrison, DO

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Dr. Harrison as my family Dr had been so rewarding

I have lived 44 years and I'm happy to say that the last 8 with Dr. Harrison as my family Dr had been so rewarding. I also see Liz Larsen and together they are a power Duo in the health care community. Recently I posted about a bad experience I had in a different city not even involving Heather, this office called me. They called me to make sure everything worked out ok after a I left a review at a different location with a completely different Dr. That's customer service with a personal touch. I'm not just a $$ sign I'm a human that deserves to be treated with respect especially when my life is in your hands. Love this group, highly recommend!

Sheila K.

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Dr. Harrison took the time to listen and always was thorough in her exams

Dr. Harrison took the time to listen and always was thorough in her exams. Presented every medical option if I needed medication or presented many different options to questions I had. She made me feel valued and feel like my medical concerns were valid and important.


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This is a wonderful office!

This is a wonderful office! As a child we had one doctor for our whole family and he truly knew each of us. My Mom was very busy with six children but our family doctor was patient with her as she grew from being a new mom to a 'pretty expert' mom. I was looking for something similar for our family and feel like I have found it in Dr. Heather and her team. She delivered both of our children and is the physician for our whole family. Liz and Jill are both expert too. They understand motherhood and they really want everyone in your home to be healthy and grow well. Also, their new building is well laid out and roomy.

Jackie T.

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