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Richard Olsen, MD

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Richard Olsen, MD

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Offers great solutions

Dr. Olsen has been my primary care physician for years and for good reason. He always takes time to listen to my health concerns and offers great solutions and always gives explanations in language I can understand. He's solved many strange problems I've had, as well as other things that family members have struggled with. I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone!

Kerry L.

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Considerate and thorough

Dr Olsen is considerate and thorough. He’s quiet and pensive, which could be off-putting to some, but he has a calming presence and spends his time thinking things through rather than being ultra chummy (though he is very kind and funny.) He’s a problem solver and a caring one at that!

Claire H.

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An amazing diagnostician

Dr. Olsen has been our doctor for years. He is a very caring and also very knowledgeable. He is an amazing diagnostician! We are so grateful for his training, expertise, care, and his kind personality. He will remain our first choice in doctors.

Sonja P.

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