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Tammy Jacobs, MD

Allergy and Immunology

I am a board-certified allergy and immunology specialist. I am also board-certified in pediatrics, so I see pediatric patients as well as adults.

As a specialist in allergy and immunology conditions, I believe in the power of education and communication with patients. Educating patients about their condition and specific things they can do to improve their quality of life is one of the things I love most about my job. That moment when a parent first feels the confidence to manage their child’s asthma is priceless. As an allergist, pediatrician and mom, it is incredibly rewarding for me to work with allergic families to improve their health, and try to prevent atopic diseases in their at-risk children.

Managing a medical condition requires a team effort where the patient, family and provider work together. I may be the disease expert, but the patient is always the expert with regards to his or her own symptoms.

I am excited to be a part of Revere Health and see patients in the Utah Valley area.

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PHN: (801) 226-3600 FAX: (801) 224-3811
159 North 400 West, Suite B-8 #B-8 Orem, Utah 84057
PHN: (801) 226-3600 FAX: (801) 224-3811
972 North 600 East Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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