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Coral Desert Orthopedics Voted Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Southern Utah

June 21, 2024 | Orthopedics

Earlier this month, Revere Health’s Coral Desert Orthopedics participated in the Best of Southern Utah contest and received the distinguished award for Best Orthopedic Surgeon. The awards were decided by a popular vote from the Southern Utah community. 

A statement from the Revere Health Coral Desert Orthopedics Department says,

We are honored to receive this award because we think our patients are the best in Southern Utah, and they feel the same about us!

About Revere Health Coral Desert Orthopedics

The physicians at Revere Health Coral Desert Orthopedics provide St. George residents with high-quality, specialized healthcare. With 10 experienced physicians and 9 stellar physician assistants, they boast a wide variety of specializations and have the talent to tackle any orthopedic challenge. In addition to quality physicians, the department employs top-notch administrative staff who strive to make every interaction seamless and hassle-free. 

Their expert services range from arthritis and trauma care to sports medicine, joint replacement, and more. Even with so much variety, you will still find expert and caring physicians ready to listen to you.

The providers focus on staying up to date on the latest advances in orthopedic care to provide patients with the best techniques, services, and equipment. In keeping with Revere Health’s mission, the providers strive to put their patients’ health “above all else” during every interaction. 

“At Coral Desert Orthopedics, we try to go above and beyond for our patients, and they notice,” the department says. 

What does being the best Orthopedic Surgeon mean?

“Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, we strive to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all our treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties,” the department says. 

They also provide lower-cost care than competitors not only for orthopedics but for imaging as well. They, alongside the rest of Revere Health, practice value-based care, which aims to reverse the rising trend of healthcare costs.

Best in Southern Utah

Revere Health is proud to offer services that are classified as the “Best of Southern Utah”. Each and every provider at Revere Health strives to offer high-quality care to all Utah residents, from St. George to Ogden. Find a provider near you to experience the meaning of Value-based Care.

We take pride in caring for our patients,” the department states. “It’s our goal to help patients improve their health and get back to their desired activities. We Revere our patients, and they love us back!

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Steven Goodrich

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